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Announcing Expanded Substance Use Disorder Support

Modern Health’s clinically-designed substance use support addresses the entire spectrum of needs, providing proactive detection and outreach, comprehensive clinical treatment, specialized care coordination for members with high-acuity needs, and evidence-based preventative care and education.

Most adults in the U.S. report being affected by the substance use crisis, with two-thirds of adults having either personally experienced a substance use problem or had a family member who experienced an alcohol or drug use concern. Despite these alarming numbers, the vast majority—more than four out of five Americans who need treatment for substance use—do not receive it. 

“We are facing an ongoing substance use crisis in this country, which is placing an even greater burden on our healthcare system and our workplaces,” comments Dr. Jessica Watrous expert in substance use research and treatment and Director of Clinical & Scientific Affairs at Modern Health. “We need to provide more access to robust clinical care and coordination in a way that feels approachable and less stigmatizing to those experiencing substance use concerns. Modern Health’s care is centered on providing the best clinical support for three pillars - treatment, recovery, and prevention.”

Expanded Substance Use Care Helps Address Ongoing Crisis

Modern Health’s Substance Use Care integrates multiple care offerings, like therapy, psychiatry, and medication management. The expanded offering also includes Care Connect, which launched earlier this year, with a focus on helping members with highly acute or otherwise complex mental health needs navigate their care offerings successfully. 

Our clinically-designed substance use support includes: 

  • Proactive Screening: Modern Health screens for substance use concerns during onboarding and may reach out proactively to members offering Care Coordination to begin their Modern Health journey where appropriate. 
  • Specialized Care Coordination: For members in the U.S. who need elevated support with substance use concerns, we provide high-touch services to support placement in inpatient and outpatient facilities, including navigating complex administrative issues around availability, suitability, and insurance acceptance.
  • Specialized Therapy: Our provider network includes many therapists with specialized training in treating various substance use disorders. Modern Health is committed to making these clinicians available to members needing their expertise and support.  
  • Medication Management: For members eligible for psychiatry and medication management, medications may also be an option when clinically appropriate (for example, naltrexone to manage cravings for individuals with alcohol use disorder). Modern Health medication management providers do not prescribe controlled substances. 
  • Habit-building Coaching: For members who may want to make lifestyle adjustments related to substance use but who do not meet criteria for a substance use disorder or require clinical interventions, Modern Health also has a network of coaches who specialize in lifestyle change and transitions related to substance use.
  • Sober-curious Circles: Modern Health offers group-based sessions where members can explore the “sober spectrum,” the benefits of being "sober sometimes," and ideas for transforming mindless drinking into mindful drinking.

The ROI of Substance Use Care

According to the CDC, 70% of all adults with an alcohol or illicit drug use disorder are employed–around 13.6 million workers–making the workplace an important setting to address substance use concerns. Substance use disorder treatment is heavily impacting businesses, costing workplaces an annual average of $15,640 per affected employee enrolled in employer-sponsored insurance, totaling $35 billion. Studies show that substance use results in 500 million lost workdays and national costs exceeding $400 billion each year. 

“We know that people with substance use concerns don’t leave those problems at home when they show up for work. There are millions of workers right now experiencing substance use problems and struggling to find care that meets their needs. Employers can play a critical role in providing the right support that could change their lives,” comments Dr. Jessica Jackson, a clinical strategy manager with Modern Health’s Clinical Strategy and Research (CS&R) team. 

In addition to providing potentially life-saving care, research shows that treatment can save companies up to $8,400 for each employee who recovers. These figures are prompting employers to not only consider how to best support high-acuity employees but also provide clinically robust preventative support. If you are interested in learning more about our expanded Substance Use Care and how it integrates with your Modern Health benefits, schedule a call with our experts today.