Unmatched care for your global workforce

1 in 4 Modern Health eligible members live outside the U.S.

Modern Health is uniquely designed to support the diverse needs of global populations. Our in-house network of providers around the world apply a global lens to everything we do — all through a single platform of culturally centered care.

Raise the bar for global care quality

From the beginning, we’ve invested in building our own network of coaches and therapists to ensure your people have the highest standard of care, wherever they’re located.

  • Less than 1 day average to first-available session across the globe

  • All providers globally are vetted and held to the same standard of clinical rigor

  • Therapy, coaching, meditations, programs, and more — available globally across languages

Extend culturally centered support

Culture and region can impact how people prefer support. Modern Health allows members across the globe to choose care options that work best for them — driving 20% average engagement across our member population.

  • 1 in 3 APAC members prefer self-guided or group care over one-on-one care

  • LATAM members have the highest preference for group care, compared to other regions

Lean on us for best practices

Our extensive experience with global organizations means that you’re in good hands.

  • Workforce marketing materials are not just translated—they're adapted for cultural nuance

  • Employers can view aggregate utilization and well-being insights segmented by global region

  • Tailored community sessions are curated and led by local providers

Hear from global organizations like you

Zendesk offered immediate support to its 4K employees globally

“We’ve gotten so many messages thanking us for the benefit. Our employees are feeling supported and cared for, which is the very reason we're all here.”

-Kristal Donahue, Zendesk Benefits Analyst

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Standardize care for your global workforce

Standardize care for your global workforce